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By innovation and design experimentation, we uncover the business and consumer objectives that set the stage for the development of a purposeful product.


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Our team is experienced with delivering electronics products for automobile, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare and more industry. 

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Block Diagram

Design system architecture in block representation which allows you to see a bigger picture of the product design.

BOM & Schematic Circuit

Selection of the critical components and connecting everything together to design a schematic circuit diagram for your product.

PCB Layout & Fabrication

Now it’s time to design the layout and order PCB prototypes using Gerber file. Start PCB assembly once prototype PCB is ready.

Firmware & Enclosure

Once assembled PCB are tested, we work on firmware/software developments. Last but not list Enclosure design.


Product Design Services at PCB Orbit

Your imagination and our product design skills, succeeding together

We create products that are suited for the market and purpose, and this is accomplished through ongoing refinement and iteration. Instead of rushing up a job, we’re taking the time to get it right. When we have decided what is required to make your product effective and indispensable, we will spare no effort to refine and optimize the design until it achieves its maximum potential.

Healthcare 'more for less'

Our aim is to design innovations which help businesses to achieve more value, better outcomes, greater convenience, access and simplicity at lowest cost

Agriculture Automations

Farming depends on innovative products ideas and new technologies which help to increase crop yields and better manage the farmers economy

Arduino Devlopmenst

Low cost and open source innovations to improve day today lifestyle management. Reliable and cost effective way to implement and test innovations.

Home Automation

With DFM, we examine the pcb design to eliminate mistakes, optimise the size, material, tolerances and functionality.
pcb orbit pcborbit

Automobile Sensor

We design PCB layouts with up to 8 layers using advanced software based on assembly density, controlled impedance, EMI shielding & application requirements.

Industrial Control

A new approach for ergonomic analysis in industrial control system to optimise production amd manufacturing cost.

IoT Hardware

IoT plays a important role in to achieve more efficient, less risky, and more profitable manufacturing in almost every industrial sector.

Electrical Design

We design industrial and residential electrical appliances, motor drives. We help businesses grow through great electrical system design services.


Electronics Product Devlopment Life Cycle

A well-practiced design and development cycle for an electrical and electronic product involves several steps of journey before reaching a satisfactory conclusion. Here are the steps we’ve established necessary to design a functional electronic hardware product.



“Necessity is the mother of the innovation” The phase in which the concept of a new product, the modification of an existing product or the discovery of the need for an unknown product cause study to be carried out in order to identify a product, a demand and a strategy to the development of that product.



The objective of the screening is to avoid those ideas which do not seem to have a high potential and therefore to prevent the costs involved at respective steps.The feasibility analysis includes of demand research, availability of resources, economic analysis and technical and strategic analysis.



The step at which idea of the product is used to promote research involving the identification of the technology, process and vendors involved in the development of the product. This step of research analysis helps to estimate cost of design process and approximate manufacturing costs.  We also needs to define electronic design guidelines like U.L., F.C.C., C.E. in this step.



The step in which a schematic/Circuit diagram is drawn up using EDA Tools and a detailed list of Bill of Material is drafted for the costing and prototyping of the product.



It is the step in which an adequate enclosure is designed or picked for the hardware.  This specification of the enclosure, as well as the internal and external connectors, switches and screens, must be selected before the layout of the PCB begins.The first step in product PCB design is the mechanical pattern or outline of the board assembly itself.



‘Fail faster, Succeed sooner!’ Prototyping is the first step towards success. It helps not only to recognize and determine the main path of the hardware design process of product but it also greatly saves time.


7. CHECK DFM & DFA (Design Review)

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM or DFA) is a vital step of the product development life cycle. It requires optimizing the electronic hardware design for its manufacturing and assembly phase, integrating the design specifications of the product with its manufacturing process. The use of DFM techniques reduces the expense and complexity of making a product while retaining its performance.



‘Create a product with soul’, firmware give life to it and make your product to do something meaningful work. Firmware is a software/program running inside a microcontroller to do application-specific task.



Testing your new product prototype with colleagues, friends, and financiers. Its need to test in field to check, whether every part is functioning properly or not in pilot run.



The step in which circuit diagrams, Bill of Material, PCB Layout, source components, firmwarre/source code and documents, mechanical and assembly drawings and all other things used as part of the electronic hardware product design deliverables are given. This bundle must be enough material to make the hardware design process possible for any qualified assembly agency.



Once a product is released into production step; experience in the manufacturing plant and user feedback, must all be reviewed for the purpose of influencing future designs. Don’t ignore this important step towards increasing efficiency, value, and sometimes reduced costs.



Product Design FAQ

Please read the electronics product design questions answers below and if you can not find your answer,
please send us your question through contact forms, we will answer you as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to design a electronics product?

The overall cost of starting from a design to a working electronics product depends on the electronics and product complexity. For example, the cost of designing, prototyping, developing, and producing an IoT-based energy meter would vary from $2000 to $20,000 + depending on functionality, material selection, manufacturing, and assembly processes.

What is good product design?

Good product design is innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, as little design as possible, Less, but better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials. Back to purity, back to simplicity.

What is electrical system design?

Electrical systems are sets of electrical and electronic components connected to perform some meaningful operations like motor speed control, power factor control, home automation, etc.

How do you make an electronic product?

Steps to make an electronic product

  1. Idea Generation
  2. Research
  3. Screening and Feasibility Check
  4. Circuit Design
  5. Enclosurer and PCB Design
  6. Prototyping
  7. Check DFM & DFA
  8. Firmware Design
  9. Pilot Run & Testing
  10. Documentation
  11. Follow up

Read complete detail process of product design hear..

How do you design a circuit?

simple steps we follow to design circuit

  1. Set your circuit objectives
  2. Create block diagram of all the necessary blocks for this circuit
  3. Design each block
  4. Put the circuit block inside one schematic/circuit diagram
How do you prototype an electronic product?

We have some standard steps to follow while creating an electronics product prototype. From concept to creations we follow these steps.

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