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Expertise of our PCB Designers

Let’s have a quick look over the Electronics services that you can avail by hiring dedicated PCB Designer or freelancer from us.

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Hiring PCB Designer from India can help you save your time and money.
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Covering All Major Industries 

Our PCB designer have experience in various industries to provide you the industry specific electronics solution.
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Single layer PCB's

Single layer of base material or substrate to complete the connections. Such PCB are best for low cost design applications.

Double layer PCBs

Most common, low cost printed circuit board suitable for multiple application. This allows circuits to be designed in less space.

Multilayer PCBs

Printed Circuit Board with more than 2 layers of conductive material. Allowed to reduced form factor. Preferred in high level application.

Rigid PCB

Rigid PCB – inflexible Printed Circuit Board of any number of layer from 1 to 32 layers.

Flex PCBs

Flex PCB are specially designed for folded application in electronics industry.

Rigid-Flex PCBs

It’s hybrid combination of a Rigid PCB and a Flex PCB  to handle most complex design problems.



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How are PCBOrbit designer different?

At PCBOrbit, we screen our PCB designers carefully to ensure the highest-caliber talent to you. You should collaborate with engineering experts to consider your objectives, your technical requirements and the structure of your team. The end result: Vetted talent specialist.

What is a pcb designer?

A PCB designer is a professional within the PCB design and electronics industry who join together electronics components, switches, connectors or microcontrollers to create a printed circuit board. They are also sometimes responsible for creating circuit schematic, layout, DFM and DMA analysis, prototyping and testing.

Do You Work on Hourly Hiring?

Yes! We do work on the hourly basis. You will be billed on the basis of number of hours the offered service is utilized.

How Do I Ensure Quality PCB Designers?

All of our designers are in-house and have been through the process of strict recruiting & training. Our PCB design specialist will assist you in the manufacturing of high-quality PCBs customized to your unique technical requirements. The PCB designer will provide an in-depth analysis of the specifications of your system to ensure that your device has the support necessary to succeed in the competitive technology market. They will have access to all the new technologies and are well proficient in the best design techniques.

How much does it cost to hire a PCB designer?

The rates charged by PCBOrbit for PCB designers vary from $5 (₹350) to $100 ( ₹7400) per hour, with an average rate of around $35 per hour. However, we will not always charge hourly; it is also normal for us to set a fixed price for work depends on the understanding about your project specifications. Here is the look at some of the important factors while making your quote.

  • Expertise and experience
  • Scope of work
  • Timeline

If your project has a short deadline, you can pay extra (i.e. a rush fee) so be sure to start project design work as soon as possible.

What pcb design steps you follow?

PCB design Steps

To get a PCB designed and manufactured, there are five main steps:

  1. Schematic and Circuit Design
  2. Board layout design with EDA software,
  3. PCB Board Manufacturing,
  4. PCB Assembly (PCBA),
  5. Testing PCB for its functionality

Once you hire a PCB designer on your design parameters, there are a few steps they’re going to take. Here is a short summary of the process.

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