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Searching for PCB Design Services or have a combination of PCB design requirements that will convert your great idea into a real life product, You’ve come to the right place. PCB Orbit is a one-stop solution for all PCB design services in India. We also work with global clients in UK, USA, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Australia as for Medical, Agricultural, Automotive, Industrial, Railways and Aerospace & Defense applications.
We are committed to providing our customers with best PCB design Services at most affordable and reliable cost. We always believe to delivering superior products, timely service, and a high level of technical prowess.


PCB Layout Design Steps


Define  an Idea 

The effective communication is at the heart of every new PCB design. We dig deep inside your design objective and problems to make sure we can deliver most optimised solutions with DFM and DFA.



We set the rules and standards, select the best technology, analyze each datasheet and application note and combine our PCB design knowledge to deliver a layout that works perfectly.


Build Prodution File 

While working hand-in-hand with the PCB designer, we use the best and latest CAD Tool to make sure your PCB layout is ready for production.


PCB Design Services at PCB Orbit

The PCB layout design services that we offer are straightforward and suit all your specifications and standards with a high efficiency assured on every PCB layout that we deliver. We use the latest technology and knowledge to design your PCB layout, and this has made us rise immensely in the last few years. In addition, we offer on-site and off-site support to guarantee that the cost limits and time frames are followed.

Impedance Control PCB Design

Impedance control is a key element of most high-speed PCB architecture. We ensure that impedance is controlled and the set specifications are met.

Flex and Rigid board Design

Some applications demands flexibility in oprations, Our experts have huge experience in such a complex PCB design.

Industries We deal with

As of now, we already helped hundreds of businesses across India to create innovative solutions, develop their products PCB.

Design for manufacturability (DFM)

With DFM, we examine the pcb design to eliminate mistakes, optimise the size, material, tolerances and functionality.
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Single or Multi layer PCB Design

We design PCB layouts with up to 8 layers using advanced software based on assembly density, controlled impedance, EMI shielding & application requirements.

Signal Integrity & EMI/EMC

High-speed signaling technologies are essential to every PCB design process and PCB Orbit is ensuring that we comply with the same specifications as EM C verification and signal integrity standards.


Advanced PCB design Service to meets Your THT, SMT, PoP and other layouts design demands

Design for Assembly (DFA)

While outsource PCBs for design and manufacturing.Its important to perform DFA correctly, it shortens the product cycle, minimizes development cost, and ensures a smooth transition into production from prototype stages.
PCB layout Design Tools


PCB Layout Design Tools

We have extensive experience with the following CAD software



Do you have any questions?

Our PCB Design services in India function to help companies to convert their ideas in to successful product.
We analyze your needs while also looking at recent technology to compete in the market. We also optimize your Bill of Material.
Our Printed circuit board services ensure higher reliability and lowest PCB design services cost.
Please read questions below and if you can not find your answer, please send us your question, we will answer you as soon as possible.

How much do PCB design services cost?

The PCB design services cost depends on multiple variables and factors. For basic PCB design like 2 layer and 75 components will cost approx $15. It mostly depends upon the type of printed circuit board you require. We have to treat each PCB on its individual requirements. So we quote individually.

I want to design my PCB, what is the process?

We will discuss your PCB design requirement and according to your purpose and needs, we will send the quote through email. Post agreement and NDA, our electronics design engineer team will start working on your PCB project.

Do you offer PCB fabrication?

We have a close partnership with a “Best in Class” PCB fabrications company in India as well as global. For prototype design or small orders, we directly deal with them on behalf of your order.

How long you will take to complete my PCB layout design?
The timeframe of layout design is many times set by the customers. If you have a deadline in mind, we will try to complete it for you.
What are the payment modes you accept?
For PCB design, we take both international & domestic payments online. Our website is enabled with a payment gateway so you can make payment at directly. Customers can also pay via Paypal, Credit card, Debit card, UPI, net banking, wallet, bank transfer.
How much does a PCB design cost per hour in India?
PCB designer typically charges about $5 per hour for a simple 2 layer PCB. A complex PCB design might cost between $20 and $100 per hour based on your design. Simple rule of thumb for PCB design Services is higher the number of layers and increase in complex technology costs will proportionally go up. It’s only a design charge fabrication cost is extra.
Do I need to pay any amount in advance?
Generally, we take 40% in advance for design projects.

Ready? Start your new PCB layout

PCB Layout design is a two-way procedure.
Effective communication between us and you is the key to a successful project.