Current+Voltage+Power Monitor HAT for Raspberry Pi, I2C

Project Description

As per the client requirements I designed a Current Voltage Power Monitor HAT for Raspberry Pi with I2C interface and easy to assemble with JLCPCB assembly services. This client has paid all the design and testing costs. This board has the following capabilities:

This is a 4-ch current and power monitor HAT designed for Raspberry Pi. Via the I2C or SM Bus interface, it is easy to monitor each channel’s current, voltage, and power consumption, as well as the voltage between both sides of the sampling resistor.

  • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports All Raspberry Pi series,
  • 4-ch monitoring, via I2C/SM Bus interface,
  • Onboard 0.1Ω 1% sampling resistor, allows measuring bi-directional current up to 3.2A,
  • Embedded 12-bit ADC, 0~26V voltage measuring range,
  • Directly calculate and output measured power value through additional multiply register,
  • I2C control pins for connecting with other host boards,
  • Comes with development resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32)
Created byPramil W.
Completed12 jan 2020
SkillsProduct Design

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